Riverside EHS (Environment Health and Saftey) Policy

At Riverside, it’s our firm conviction that there’s nothing more precious than nature and nothing as priceless as life. That’s the vital reason of developing and designing a production process that maintains the ecological balance around the vicinity. And the greatest proof of it is the 16072 sq. m. of lush greenery nurtured by the company, in and around the manufacturing plant. Adequate facilities are also available for the treatment of effluents and to confirm to the norms of pollution control, various clearances from the pollution control authorities have been obtained for the production of Phthalocyanine pigments. That apart we also adhere to the norms by ensuring that the presence of PCDD and PCDF impurities is within the permissible limits. Moreover, addictives banned in the U.S.A., Japan, Europe and world are not used in our surface treatment process.